A Giant Sock Monkey For Mommie

giant sock monkeyLook, I know the cold weather is over.  But, wouldn’t you like to be ahead of the game come next Fall and grab a giant sock monkey for your head?  Even though the snow and low temps are behind most of us for the next few months, it never hurts to get a jump on things for the future.

You could even look as cute as the girl in the picture.  Not to mention, you’ll be the talk and envy of your friends and family wearing a giant sock monkey.  And, the colors will be difficult not to coordinate with most any outfit.

I know you remember the sock monkey of your childhood or at least the childhood of a friend or cousin.  Why not reach back to the glory days of the not so distant past and create some funky and cool buzz among your circle of peeps?  Who wouldn’t want to show up at your next cool-weather event sporting a very cool giant sock monkey on your noggin?


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