Artistic Adventures with a Melissa&Doug Friendship Stamp Set

2 melissa doug frienship stamp setThere are lots of artistic children out there. They really do need outlets for their creativity, so it’s up to the parents to provide those sorts of outlets. It’s important for creativity to thrive, so I make sure my kids have art sets and stamps and such so they can always have a means of doing something artistic. I leave it all in an accessible place so they can play with them when they want to.

Most of the time, I see my kids playing with the Melissa&Doug friendship stamp set. It’s a set that has lots of cute stamps, like hearts and rainbows. It also comes with some colored pencils, so kids can learn about mixed media art projects. I think colored pencils and stamps really do go well together. That way, kids can color in the stamps with different colors if they want. It becomes both a stamping project and a coloring and drawing project.

I know it’s important for kids to have the ability to express themselves. Some like to do it in very artistic ways, so parents really do need to watch out for that. It’s important for kids to feel comfortable to be able to be themselves, so they need the means to get their creative sides out. That’s why I think having art sets for them is so important.

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