Baby Plush Toys with a Growl

You’re probably wondering why a plush baby toy would growl at our babies.  Well, when you’re talking baby plush toys, the only time you want something growling at your bundle of joy is maybe mom or dad when they’re playing with junior or junior miss.  Don’t worry – this time, the growling is only imaginary and might only be heard as mom or dad play like they’re this adorable plush toy called “Longfellow Lion”.

Longfellow Lion may just become your little one’s best bud as he squeezes it next to him or relaxes as it rests around junior’s neck.  Think about calming the little one with Longfellow as you are feeding him or as you are trying to get him to nap or to go to sleep for the night.  An uneventful mealtime or bedtime is always welcome.

As a parent, you know soft toys are exactly what junior or junior miss snuggle up to when it’s time to feel some comfort.  Longfellow will certainly fit the bill.  Whenever you need some help calming down a situation, reach out to Longfellow Lion because he just may become your new, best friend.

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