Be The Carrier Of Melissa And Doug Toys

melissa and doug toysWhat little boy doesn’t dream of driving a big rig?  And, especially one that offers the challenge of carrying precious cargo like cars.  How many of you dads did the same thing when you were his age?

Melissa and Doug toys has the solution to your son’s rugged dreams of pushing his way down the road to his destination of a car dealership to make sure they have the inventory needed.  I remember part of my childhood was filled with pushing trucks and cars around on the floor imagining I was the driver of a dump truck or rounding the turns of a racetrack in a cool sports car.  So why should melissa and doug toys be any different?

Well, that’s just it: they shouldn’t.  Melissa and Doug toys car carrier provide your little boy with a great way to pretend he’s helping out the economy by delivering new cars to dealership so those who need a car can buy the one they want.  All dads know every boy needs a cool truck to “drive” around the house or the playground.

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