Brain Gain From Learning Tree Toys

learning tree toysNo doubt you’ve heard the term “brain drain”.  So before you start to think the LOPNOS Colorful Cabin – Brain Intelligence Game is a drain on your brain, this is one of the learning tree toys to make your student turned sponge grow in numerous ways.  Don’t worry, parents, they’ll still be able to get through the door.

Talk about your son or daughter gaining brain power, they’ll have their choice of 23, 782 challenging levels and dimensions including different 2D games, 3D games and problems for solving.  All of these games come with “fundamental functions for brain development and for developing further skills in spatial thinking in geometry and trains the short-term memory.”  All of this combines with various forms and colors for “an increasing degree of difficulty which helps to stimulate the brain.”

Even young children from the age of three, under supervision, can have a go at solving some of these problems.  Learning tree toys come in all types of shapes, colors and levels of difficulty to challenge your child’s bright and inquisitive mind.  So help your son or daughter take full advantage of all the brain gain that will no doubt occur as soon as they open the box.

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