Chime Goes Melissa and Doug Toys in a Box

We often hear the chiming of bells whether they be those of the local church or those of that dreaded alarm clock or those of the microwave oven telling us our favorite snack or leftovers are ready. Regardless of what the chiming may be, they’re a signal of something. The same holds true with the chiming of Melissa and Doug toys in a box.

If you’re asking yourself what this is about, I’m glad to see I’ve aroused your curiosity. The chiming of Melissa and Doug toys in a box comes from this delightful Band-in-a-Box Chime! Whistle! Jingle! that your little will find when he opens up the wonderful; world of learning music. Yes, they can learn music in the simplest of ways.

Imagine their excitement when they strike the energy chimes or the toot of the train whistle or rubbing together the rhythm sticks or rattling the cymbal sticks or playing the circle drum. With this introduction to learning music, it will also teach them to put away their instruments in the organizing box which accompanies them – making you happy. 

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