Circle Of Friends Around Melissa And Doug Puzzles

I’m sure you remember the TV show “Friends”. Or, maybe, you remember the song¬†“You’ve Got A Friend” by James Taylor. While both of those are great examples of the importance of friends and friendship, let’s add one more to the list from Melissa and Doug puzzles called¬†Circle of Friends Cardboard Jigsaw.

As you can see in the picture, the friends from this puzzle represent fourteen different nations. As nice as friends are, what benefits, if any, would there be for children working with puzzles? As a matter fact, there are several skills learned for early childhood development including: physical, cognitive, emotional.

With physical skills: hand-eye coordination, gross and fine skills; with cognitive skills: understanding the surrounding world, shape recognition, memory, problem solving; with emotional skills: setting goals, patience. From all of this, you as a parent can be assured that your child will not only enjoy the many rewards of solving jigsaw puzzles with their friends or their siblings and even with Mom and Dad, but, they will learn to work with others to solve a challenge which is so important as they grow and mature. Any time you can give your child an edge, you’ve performed a great service for them and their future.

Circle Of Friends - Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzle

Circle Of Friends – Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzle

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