Cut It Out With The Melissa Doug See Spell

melissa doug see spellHave you ever wondered what you would do if you had enough letters to spell all the words you wanted to spell?  Probably not.  But, if you had pondered that very serious dilemma, you can now do it with the melissa doug see spell.

Even though you may have faced this when you were younger, there’s no need for your little one to face the same challenge.  Take some time to sit down with them and help them as they make out their first words.  Don’t worry because these are words based on everyday things they see and experience.

Seventy-two colorful letters make for hours of learning fun as they find the carved-out spaces to form these new words.  Just think how advanced they will be when they enter school for the first time.  Learning the foundations will only put them at the head of the class and hopefully spark their interest in acquiring more and more knowledge.

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