Extra! Extra! The Kidkraft Austin Toy Box

Extra! Extra! Read all about the Kidkraft Austin Toy Box! Among all the current political and world news events, you’re probably wondering – wait a minute!, is this a news story I somehow missed! Well, not exactly, so relax.

If you’re looking for an additional way to keep your kids’ room straightened up and from being an out-of-control mess, then you may have missed a “news flash” of sorts if you’re not aware of this limited edition toy box. You know, all too well, the experience of walking into your children’s room or playroom and finding toys scattered everywhere. Imagine walking into that same children’s room and finding it in neat order and no chaos.

Well, I can’t promise the no chaos part, but, I can help you with the order of things with this limited edition toy box because not only is it a storage box for clutter, but, it is a beautiful piece of furniture. Now, to the “Extra! Extra!” portion of this article which I know you’re hanging onto the edge of your seat to find out what it is. The extra feature is not that it holds extra stuff or that it functions as a piece of beautiful furniture, but, that it doubles as an extra seat.

Limited Edition Toy Box-Black

Limited Edition Toy Box-Black

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