Finding Rest In A Nursing Stool Cherry

Have you lost count of the days you’ve returned home from a long, tiring, even frustrating day, to find yourself slumped down in your favorite chair dreading having to get out of the chair and fix something to eat? Or, Moms of a newborn, have you found while you’re nursing this precious baby, you’re just not comfortable in the chair or rocker? Well, whatever the scenario is, let me suggest finding a bit of rest in the nursing stool cherry.

Moms, as you may know, there have been studies showing how important the proper support is while sitting and especially while holding and nursing a baby. This nursing stool provides that necessary support for you and your baby. Simply by adjusting the footrest to the desired angle, almost immediately, you’ll find the relief of pressure from your legs and back.

And, ladies, (and, for that matter, men) you’ll discover the same relief of pressure in your back and legs after finding the right adjustment for you when placing your feet on the footrest. Returning home from a long day and sitting in your favorite chair for a few minutes will be a joy again. As you can see, the nursing stool really does provide more uses than its name suggests.

Nursing Stool

Nursing Stool

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