Getting Thick With The Giant Sock Monkey

giant sock monkeyWe’ve all heard the saying  – “As thick as thieves”.  Well, this is not a dissertation on thievery or being part of lawless group of individuals.  But, this is an article about the thickly-woven, giant sock monkey.

Looking back to the days of childhood and remembering some of the unforgettable toys or stuffed animals undoubtedly brings up your little friend known as the sock monkey.  As great as the sock monkey was, we have to promote the best alternative is the giant sock monkey which is a bomber-style hat.  How many things which live in our childhood memories can we turn into a wearable hat?

Even though the cold days of Winter are numbered, there’s still time to make sure you’re keeping your cranium warm with the thickly-woven exterior and poly-fleece interior of the giant sock monkey.  And, of course you’ll be the talk of your friends because you have the reputation of setting trends and if it means wearing a throwback to the days of childhood, then you’ll take that step forward and make you’re friends jealous.  The giant sock monkey seems like something silly by the sound of it, but, don’t discount its appeal.

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