Going Colorful With The Kidkraft Dollhouse

kidkraft dollhouseWhat do you think your little girl’s reaction will be on Christmas morning when she looks under the tree to find Santa has left a kidkraft dollhouse with her name on it? The Annabelle Dollhouse will bring a smile and a happiness perhaps unlike you’ve seen before. Just like my sisters when we were growing up, most girls dream of playing with their dolls in their dollhouses and dreaming up how their families live day-to-day.

The three-story doll mansion offers a terrace for the master bedroom as well as an elevator to easily navigate the first and second floors. And, mom and dad, don’t worry about the construction quality of the kidkraft dollhouse because it is as solid as the house where you live. With a great house like this, your daughter will certainly create a neighborhood of friends and families for dinner parties, barbeques and mid-day picnics.

If you doubt your daughter using the kidkraft dollhouse as ground zero for a new subdivision, simply hide around the corner and watch as she develops her own world of make believe. Of course, if you’re caught hanging out, you will no doubt be required to attend a Christmas tea. But, isn’t it worth it?

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