Have You Visited My Kidkraft Dollhouse?

kidkraft dollhouse“Have you visited my kidkraft dollhouse lately”  While you may be wondering what type of question this is, you will definitely hear something like it if you are a mom or dad.  So what’s the big deal about a kidkraft dollhouse?

When you’re a little girl who loves dolls, houses for them to live and a place for them to dream about their doll families, you can resist the annabelle dollhouse.  Just look at some of the things that come with this beautiful, kidkraft dollhouse: chandelier, furniture, elevator, latticework.  To an imaginative young girl, this means everything because she can plan out her future life as well as live out what she sees mom and dad do routinely everyday.

Moms, you no doubt remember your days of fantasy living through your dolls and whatever you imagined for them.  One day dreaming of having your own family and directing them through the course of their day.  Don’t you want the same thing for your daughter as they prepare for their future life?



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