It’s A Classic Nursing Stool Cherry

nursing stool cherryAre you the type of woman who is constantly searching for a classic piece or accessory to complement your home?  Most do want that classic piece that adds interest as well as funtionality to their life.  Well, then, look no further because the nursing stool cherry is exactly that desired piece.

The name of this stool describes its primary function – that of aiding in the feeding process of your baby by elevating your feet to one of three variable positions thereby relieving the built-up stress in your legs and feet regardless of the chair.  Not only does the nursing stool cherry function in its primary purpose, it also performs as a regular stool (only better) to help relieve the day’s stress.  Imagine coming home and sitting down to a restful seat in your favorite chair and elevating your feet and legs so that you can concentrate on other things.

I know your thinking that the nursing stool cherry has a limited use because of its name, but, that would only limit the stool’s possibilities.  Use it while watching television, eating a snack on the couch or in your favorite chair, while reading a book or knitting.  So give it a try.

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