Kidkraft Avalon Chair Wins The Raspberry

kidkraft avalon chairWait a minute! Did you actually say the kidkraft avalon chair wins the raspberry? I thought winning the raspberry was an insult of atmospheric proportions and you want to promote this chair for winning an award of this stature.

This raspberry is not what you’re thinking. This is the raspberry color which means this kidkraft avalon chair is a wonderful choice of color for your kid’s bedroom or playroom which will brighten up any space and put everyone in a great mood. While the raspberry fruit is slightly tangy and yet a hint of sweetness, therefore making it a popular ingredient for pies, you’ll find it is a sweet choice for a chair color.

The kidkraft avalon chair is a wonderful and classic way for your children to relax – not to mention fun. When you think of classic, you automatically conjure up thoughts of stuffy, old, dust-filled rooms of chairs no one has any interest in using. Hopefully, the raspberry, kidkraft avalon chair will change your mind and have your kids anxiously looking forward to sitting.

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