Learning the Fun Way with Melissa and Doug Puzzles

2 puzzlesI love seeing my child learn when he plays. I think it’s the best way to learn, since playing with a toy or a game entices the child more than studying papers and doing worksheets. While my kid is still a toddler, I think more kids should learn through playing with toys and fun games. My kid really likes puzzles, so I always make sure to get some for him to play with.

I think his favorites have got to be the Melissa and Doug puzzles. They’re great puzzles for little kids that just want to have fun. I like how bright and colorful they are, and how they have a lot of fun shapes and such. Some of the puzzles have pictures on the pieces, like cute animals. I think my kid just loves how friendly the puzzles seem to him.

And what’s great about my kid playing with Melissa and Doug puzzles is he’s learning as he plays around with them. He’s learning about animals, shapes, and different types of vehicles. I think it’s great that my kid can learn while having a fun time with puzzles. These puzzles are also great for developing spatial orientation, as well

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