Major Benefits of Prenatal Chewable Vitamins.

Taking a healthy balanced diet is very important for pregnant mothers. It is also crucial for expectant mothers to take prenatal chewable vitamins to cover any occurring nutritional gap. They are very beneficial for they come with essential minerals and vitamins for the mother and unborn baby. They contain calcium, folic acid, vitamin D, iodine and iron. Chewable vitamins are the better option for those people who have a hard time in swallowing pills or capsules.

The folic acid in these chewable vitamins helps prevent the occurrence of neural tube birth effects which affects the spinal cord and also the brain. A daily intake of folic acid is thus essential for pregnant mothers. Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin, and you can get it from the sun rays, but that may not be enough for the mother and unborn baby. Vitamin D is necessary for brain health, hormone balancing, bone development and supporting the immune system.

Vitamin D can also take care of complications like pre-eclampsia. It also does good to the baby for helping in its development. The iron found in the prenatal chewable vitamins is vital for oxygen supply to the baby. Iron may cause the nausea feeling and constipation, but that problem can now be solved. You can take the prenatal together with food and also increase vitamin C intake.

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