Melissa And Doug Puzzles Go Beep-Beep

melissa and doug puzzlesAs you drive in traffic, you’re constantly hearing horns beep and people not act in a way that represents civilized, adult behavior in a positive light. So why would you want to add more noise to your already hectic world? Well, before you panic, melissa and doug puzzles won’t add any new noise to your already hectic world because this puzzle is ready to teach your curious little one how to recognize the world of automobiles.

Vehicles such as trucks, police cruisers, fire trucks, passenger cars, utility vehicles all come together to help your child recognize each of these as you’re driving down the road from one activity to the next. Imagine how much fun you will have getting down in the floor with him as he puts the pieces in the proper cutout spaces. Melissa and doug puzzles make fun out of your little one looking into your and face asking for the names of these new and exciting cars and trucks, you can make the appropriate sound for each one.

The car horn goes: beep-beep; the truck goes: honk-honk; the police siren goes: woo-woo. When have you ever had so much fun with melissa and doug puzzles? On second thought, you may welcome some more noise in your life.

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