Melissa And Doug Toys Join The Classic Set

melissa and doug toysHey, Mom and Dad! How would you like to see your kids go wild? They just might go wild for these classic games: Go Fish, Animal Rummy, Old Maid.

I know you’re probably thinking that your kids go wild enough as it is and with Christmas coming up you may be hoping to withstand the onslaught of excitement that will no doubt ensue on the big day. But, these games by melissa and doug toys are durable and take anything your precious young ones can dish out at anytime. And their enthusiasm won’t be tied up in the latest technology but in something classic which has stood the test of time.

Melissa and doug toys has made these classic card games delightful with their brightly-colored animals displayed on each card. Whenever you feel the blahs coming on, pull out any one of these games and you’ll see a different atmosphere take over the room. Just as you remember¬†spending the days of your childhood playing these games with your siblings and friends, your children will look back one day and want to share the experience with their kids.

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