My Kid Doesn’t Mind Bedtime When the Augie Alligator Slumber Bag Is Involved

4 augie alligator slumber bagWhen I tell people that getting my kid to bed is a cinch, they don’t usually believe me. It’s widely known that kids don’t like to hit the hay and would rather play all night. But as responsible parents and caretakers, people need to get their kids to sleep at a reasonable hour. And I’m no different, but I also got something that entices my kid to get to sleep.

What I did was get my kid a really fun sleeping bag in the shape of a very friendly alligator. It’s an Augie Alligator slumber bag, and it makes my child want to actually go to bed on time. The slumber bag is on top of my kid’s bed, and it’s a fun way to get someone to go to bed. I think my kid has gotten to be really great friends with Augie Alligator.

All in all, I’m glad I figured out a great way to get my kid to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I can only tell other parents to try the same thing, since it really worked for my kid. There must be something about Augie Alligator that just makes you want to go and rest with them, even if it means going to sleep in the process.

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