On Fire With Melissa And Doug Puzzles

Isn’t it true that when we see or hear a fire truck in traffic or racing through traffic we are mesmerized by this rather odd-looking (yet life-saving) vehicle? Especially, it seems if you are a boy. Well, Melissa and Doug puzzles have an interactive solution to getting one-on-one with a boy’s object of fascination.

Another issue which comes to mind is that of getting down on the floor, or sitting at the kitchen table, and working with your son as you assist him in matching all the pieces of this Melissa and Doug puzzle so that this fire truck comes to life with its very own sound. The shiny and vibrant colors make this fire engine come to life as you play firefighter together racing down the road to put out a raging fire and save lives. What better way to teach a life lesson than with the simple ways of Melissa and Doug puzzles?

If you’re thinking this blog article is skewed toward boys, more than girls, favoring fire trucks, then you’re right. Studies show and the experts agree that boys from day one seem to favor high-activity objects due to differing factors just as girls favor dolls and domestic things. So, take some time with your son and enjoy one of his natural interests.

Fire Truck Sound Puzzle

Fire Truck Sound Puzzle

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