Over Hill And Dale For Melissa And Doug Puzzles

melissa and doug puzzles“Over hill, over dale, we will hit the dusty trail…”  As much as I enjoy hearing military anthems sung and played, this is not an article about supporting the military (which I do, by the way).  This is an article about melissa and doug puzzles; specifically, the Animals Mini-Puzzle Pack.  So what connection does this puzzle pack have with going over hill and dale for melissa and doug puzzles?

I thought you might wonder about that and here’s my answer to that all-important question.  As a parent, you already know your child’s inherent attraction to animals and through that attraction can develop much learning.  Imagine sitting in the floor with your little one showing them the different animals provided through melissa and doug puzzles.

They will no doubt enjoy hearing you pronounce the names of the animals as you do your best to imitate their natural noises.  After they’ve learned these names and sounds, you can travel over hill and dale while they occupy themselves in the car’s backseat.  Not only will you have time to gather your thoughts about the trip, but, you won’t have to worry about any stray pieces becasue this puzzle pack comes with its own travel case.

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