Over The Rainbow With Melissa Doug Friendship Stamp Set

Use a rainbow stamp set and make a friend. Are you crafting a new phrase for our kids? Well, not really, but, who knows it could be with the Melissa Doug friendship stamp set when your precious daughter creates a touching and friend-making card.

How well we know that our children enjoy making a friend by handing them a specially created card to make their day. We also know how our children take pride in putting together a card for birthdays, holidays and any day that may not have gone so well for us and simply want to say, “I love you and hope your day gets better”. Or, something along those lines to show us how much they care.

So, where does all this love and good feeling originate? From hearts and rainbows, to flowers and bears and butterflies and balloons (9 stamps in all); two ink pads; five color pencils to fill in the gaps. When you walk in from a tough, challenging day and your young one hands a self-made greeting or it’s your birthday and you’re quietly handed a tender note wishing you all the best, you’ll know you’re special to at least one. Beyond the mushy stuff, your son or daughter will learn to create their own unique expression.

Melissa & Doug Friendship Stamp Set

Melissa & Doug Friendship Stamp Set

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