Reading Along With The Kids Rocking Chair

kids rocking chairNo doubt you’re thinking about how little girls love to read.  Especially, when the reading material is from their latest and juiciest diary entry.  Or, maybe they’ve discovered an interest in reading the most recent thrilling paperback they’re allowed to read.

So why do I introduce this kids rocking chair in such a grand fashion?  Well, this is the Time to Read Rocker and it’s not simply the run-of-the-mill kids rocking chair.  One look at this rocker and you know how special it is and how special your little girl will treasure it.

This kids rocking chair features a working clock so she doesn’t lose track of the time; a padded seat to stay comfortable for those long readings; and a rack to hold her precious books.  As a parent, you know how important it is to encourage a child’s love of reading because she will only improve her life through it.  And, she’ll be able to write you a special “Thank You” from the special card provided.

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