Rock Out The Wooden Rocking Chair, Honey

wooden rocking chairAnyone out there familiar with Norman Rockwell?  Or with the America he lived and portrayed it through his paintings?  Ever heard of the Saturday Evening Post?

Whether you’ve heard of Mr. Rockwell and the Saturday Evening Post and the America he portrayed, you’ll immediately be taken back to those days with this wooden rocking chair also known as the Spindle Rocking Chair.  This wooden rocking chair is not only a throwback to yesteryear, but, an heirloom piece to be handed down to succeeding generations.  Even if your children don’t see that picture of a lasting legacy, they will see, and feel, craftsmanship and comfort of this well-built wooden rocking chair for years to come.

Now you’re wondering what to do with this heirloom once your children have physically outgrown it.  Not to worry because I have the perfect answer since you can re-position this wooden rocking chair in a different area of their room or give an interesting look in the kitchen or the family room or den.  As you can see, a honey-stained, wooden rocking chair can serve a variety of purposes in addition to becoming an important asset in your family’s history.

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