Seeing Red In The Kidkraft Kitchen

When you hear the phrase “bon appetit”, what thoughts first come to mind? Obviously, you think it’s time to eat, or someone is wishing you an enjoyable meal. While that is true, the kidkraft kitchen will deliver a great culinary experience for your child as they learn their way around a perfectly sized kitchen built just for them.

Mom and Dad, I know you’re wondering why you would want to purchase a kidkraft kitchen for your budding chef. And, that’s a legitimate question or concern. One of the concerns you should address when considering a developmental toy is whether it appeals to more than one of the senses.

In answering that concern, I would point you to some of the key features: a telephone; sink and water faucets; a microwave with programming buttons; door handles for the oven, storage compartment, refrigerator, etc. Two other points to consider: 1) does the developmental toy promote using both hands? 2) and, does it promote critical thinking and problem solving? As you can see from the picture, you can use both hands just like you would in a real kitchen, and, just like in a real kitchen setting, your child is encouraged to think and problem-solve throughout the process of “cooking”.

Red Vintage Kitchen

Red Vintage Kitchen

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