Sound The Alarm For The Melissa Doug Giant Fire Truck

melissa doug giant fire truckWe sound the alarm for a variety of reasons: a burglary in progress; a drilled exercise; a traffic violation; a parade; even a 3-alarm fire. And, that’s where the melissa doug giant fire truck puzzle comes into play. No this puzzle cannot be pushed across the floor by little Billy or little Cindy after they finish assembling it. But, they can make the noise of a fire truck simply sitting at the table where it lays in all its finished glory.

So with all the sounds (or better yet, noises) of the Season, why would you want to hear yet another head-splitting, eye-rolling scream headed your way? You just may change your mind when you realize that those screams and shrieks are coming from their imitation of  melissa doug giant fire truck that they completed on your kitchen table and not on a video screen. Nothing against video games.

The puzzle known as the melissa doug giant fire truck will teach them problem-solving in a new, old-school way like we learned when we were their ages. Kids these have some incredible educational opportunities in front of them which allows them to think in non-conventional ways. This Christmas, put your kids on the melissa doug giant fire truck.

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