Summon The Clowns And The Afghan Throws

afghan throwsAre you in the middle of putting together a nursery for your soon-to-be-born baby? Or, maybe your little is already here and you didn’t quite finish due to whatever reason. Even in this busy and hectic Christmas Season, you can include one of the most precious afghan throws you’ve ever seen into the design of your new favorite room in the house.

This 100% cotton afghan will not only look great in your nursery, but, it will look great and feel great wrapped around that little one that makes your heart jump every time you see him. Balloons and bears┬ádressed as clowns will certainly add charm and whimsy to your baby’s new room. So how do you want this new nursery to be remembered far into the future when he’s long out of diapers and blankets?

When you look back to these early days, the paint of the room, the stuffed animals along with the other memorable pieces, the addition of one of these afghan throws will only make it that much more special. The next question you may be asking is do I have to use this afghan as a part of a nursery? In fact, it is so special, you can use it anywhere in the house.


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