The Friendly Green Augie Alligator Slumber Bag

Hey, Mom and Dad, when it comes to nap time for your little scamper, do you find it difficult or maybe a challenge to get them to lay down and take a few Zzzz’s┬áso you can rest for at least a few minutes? If so, then there’s no need to worry about it as long as you have Augie Alligator Slumber Bag. This green “monster” will be more than happy to gobble up junior for the exact time it takes to go on a short journey to snooze-ville.

Six feet of smiling green cloth in this lovable shape of a friendly water monster will make fast friends for that sleepy trip. If that alone doesn’t put a smile on your face, imagine how much you’ll beam knowing you’ll no longer have to beg and plead to get little Johnny or Suzie to give a little bit of time to yourself. Then you realize they’re in the belly of an oversized, albeit, soft plushy amigo.

As adults, we know how important it is to have a playtime friend when we’re children. Oftentimes, the little ones love to pretend and conjure up their special friends regardless of their origination. Whether they come from book or film or television characters, or simply from their own imaginations, they’ll find room for Augie Alligator Slumber Bag.

Augie Alligator Slumber Bag

Augie Alligator Slumber Bag

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