Thinking About A Giant Sock Monkey?

When was the last time you gave a second thought to the giant sock monkey?  Certainly, you remember the sock monkey toy you had as a kid.  I never had one, but, do recall a cousin who did and it was always sitting on the pillows of his made-up bed.

Whether you remember the sock monkey or not or if you had one or not, isn’t really today’s point.  This point being: would you consider wearing one instead of having the actual doll?  Just like the trend of “recycling” yesterday’s fashions has taken hold of America, the giant sock monkey has manifested itself as a really cool knit hat with poly-fleece lining.

What a great way to express yourself and share with your kids a treasure from the past.  Imagine the stories you can tell or the interesting conversations you’ll have with peers because of the new fashion icon sitting on top of your head.  Go ahead and relive your nostalgic past or create some new nostalgic moments.

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