Toy Craft For The Kidkraft Austin Toy Box

I visit my two granddaughters at least once a week as I help my daughter accomplish her activities for that day.  And part of my visits involves going home with them during the day.  So, of course, part of that visit includes playing with them and their multitude of toys.

I would like to say that they are always stored away in a neat and orderly fashion.  However, that is not always the case.  The Kidkraft Austin Toy Box would definitely play a huge part of keeping their toys and dolls and other stuff put away in that desired neat and orderly fashion.

While it’s a convenient way to store all that stuff, it’s also a well-built addition to any child’s room or playroom.  And, if seating is an issue, the lid with a low-rise border, makes for an excellent place to seat invited guests.  So as you’re contemplating what to do to take care of those items not stored away so neatly, look to the Kidkraft Austin Toy Box to solve at least one of your daily challenges.

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