Travel The USA With Giant Floor Puzzles

Any Moms or Dads out there who know of a better way to travel the Grand Fifty than by sitting down with your child and using one of the giant floor puzzles? Well, whether you have or haven’t, this sound puzzle of the U.S.A. gives you and your blooming scholar a real hands-on appraoch to learning. Plus, this is a lot more fun than getting out a clumsy paper map of ┬áthe 50 States and trying to track down each state and its capital.

Now, you’re probably wondering why is this particular method a better tool for your child to use as an educational asset over something digital. I’m so glad you posed the concern because, as helpful as the digital form can be, this is a learning project which lends itself to teaching in two very important ways: global (big picture); and, analytic (details). Another key way children learn is through the kinesthetic: hands-on approach to learning.

While each of these avenues is proper in teaching your child the states, their capital cities, their physical shapes, their location in relation to other other states, this map puzzle lets them hear each state and capital city pronounced. Another valuable feature to all of this not only comes from the practical application of doing the exercise, but, from once the project is completed. You will have valuable quality time with your child as he grows and learns.

U.S.A. Map Sound Puzzle

U.S.A. Map Sound Puzzle

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