What Do You See With A Monkey See Monkey Draw Children’s Book?

We’ve all heard the phrase “monkey see, monkey do”.  A not-too-nice statement meaning that we imitate what we see because we aren’t smart enough to do otherwise.  Well, that’s not the case with this Alex Beard Monkey See Monkey Draw children’s book.

Watch as your child picks up a natural bark, colored pencil or as he or he uses watercolors to illustrate the wilds of Africa.  We all know how imaginative children can be and how creative they can be especially when it comes to drawing extotic animals of the African plane.  Whether they’re using a paintbrush or a pencil in a sketchbook, let their artistic juices flow.

You never know what type of artist you may have under your roof.  A true artist at any age will take pencil or brush in hand and the art will flow.  No doubt the greats of the past had the artistic ability and talent yearning to break free.

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