Where’s The Melissa Doug Giant Fire Truck?

melissa doug giant fire truckThe sixty-four dollar question is: where’s the melissa doug giant fire truck?  If you look at the floor, you just may find it there.  Then you ask, why is it on the floor.

Before you scold your son or daughter for leaving another toy truck in the floor, take a breath, count to ten and relax because this melissa doug giant fire truck is a twenty-four piece floor puzzle.  So it’s time to get in the floor with your children and join in the fun of assembling a fun project.  This is also an opportunity to teach your children about the purpose of a fire truck and its important role in our society.

I know you’re thinking that you normally try to keep your kids off the floor so they stay clean, but, trust me, this is a good time for them to be on floor and learning.  The melissa doug giant fire truck can teach some important lessons off the road.  Instead of a screaming vehicle rushing down the street, the melissa doug giant fire truck can be looked at with careful attention to see all the details.

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