Your Majesty’s Kidkraft Dollhouse

kidkraft dollhouseIs this another product of royalty?  Well, not exactly, but, it is a house of elegance in its size and elegance.  So why should my daughter want such a house of sophistication?

Moms I know you remember the days of your childhood when you played house with your own dollhouse.  This kidkraft dollhouse is no exception and possibly quite the exception.  Your daughter will fall in love with this majestic mansion dollhouse as she decorates with her own style as she moves the family between the second and third floors with their very own private elevator.

With a kidkraft dollhouse, she’ll be able to look in at her dolls through the several windows as they inhabit this beautiful and elegant creation of little girl fantasy.  After all these days of creating memories, when she’s a mother, with a precious little girl of her own, she’ll happily pass on the heritage of majestic fantsies.  So go ahead and let her experiance the world of dreams and daydreams now as she will definitely pass it on for posterity.


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