A Kidkraft Austin Toy Box In Your Home

Imagine walking into your child’s room and all the toys are off the floor and put away for safekeeping at least for the night.  You scratch your head and wonder where they vanished to and are they in hiding under the bed just waiting for you to leave the room so they can re-enter the room to re-create the mess that was once there.  Then you notice something square and oddly neat-looking sitting in the corner and you remember placing the recently-purchased kidkraft austin toy box in the room so your children could store their toys away till playtime comes again.

Even though, mom or dad, childhood may have been a while ago you can still recall those days when your parents nagged you to put away your toys in an orderly fashion and you didn’t know where else for them to go except the closet or under the bed.  You wondered and wondered where would be the best place to keep them.  Cardboard boxes worked for a while until you used them as part of a fort to fight off the Indians.  Then when it was time to store the toys, your toybox was destroyed.

While it may be a bit late for you, it’s the perfect time for your little ones to have the answer to storing their toys you didn’t have.  And, like all parents do, you can tell stories like, “… when I was your age… “ .  Instead, keep this one to yourself and let the toybox do the work for you.

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