Giddy-Up, Kids Rocking Chair!

Giddy-up, little dogie. No, this isn’t a Roy Rogers movie. What!? You haven’t heard of Roy Rogers!? Well, whether you have or haven’t really isn’t the point because your little cow puncher will only have to imagine being out there on the range riding from one adventure to the next on this kids rocking chair.

Riding along the plateaus on the back of this quality, all-wood pony will be a highlight for your son or daughter as they grab hold of the wool mane or the wood handles. This heirloom, no-tip rocker will provide hours of roaming the desert, or riding the range, or even searching that desperate outlaw in need of justice. One of the best features (and it’s absolutely free) about this kids rocking chair is how your little cowpoke will let his imagination run wild through like the wind – Psst! And you want even have to tell them to use it.

Now, Mom and Dad, I know you’re thinking that your child may not spend enough time with this kids rocking chair to make it worth your investment or the space required to corral this stallion. No worries because there are a couple of ways to view this: 1) a low-tech activity, 2) a keepsake from one generation to the next. Regardless, this is a great investment for the family.

Derby Rocking Horse-Natural

Derby Rocking Horse-Natural

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