Attention Passengers: Melissa And Doug Toys

Can’t you just hear the conductor calling the passengers to attention as the steam from the locomotive envelops everyone standing on the platform? You await his announcement of “All Aboard” as you ponder the adventure about to be undertaken. Well, maybe, that’s just a bit of a stretch with this wooden railway set from Melissa and Doug toys, but, maybe not.

Dads, I know you can think back to your childhood days when you had a train set and you watched in amazement as the train rounded the tracks. In this simpler, and perhaps, more manageable train set, you can still explore with your son the many journeys and adventures awaiting your imagination. Follow each twist and turn as something new appears.

Trains and train sets have been a fascination of boys since trains were invented a couple of centuries ago and it still holds true today. What may seem like a toy for wasting time or keeping rambunctious boys out of your hair for a while, is really an educational and developmental tool in the following ways: 1) problem solving; 2) creativity and imagination; 3) fine motor skills and dexterity. As this is only a partial list of the benefits a boy can use the use rest of his life, it’s a great way to get him on the track.

Melissa & Doug Toys - Wooden Railway Set

Melissa & Doug Toys – Wooden Railway Set

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