My Kid Loves Her Melissa&Doug Friendship Stamp Set

3 happy childI really enjoy seeing kids happy and in their element. When my daughter is happy, you can really tell by the way she smiles. It’s just so cute and so pure. I think she just has an inherent wonder of the world, and discovering new things really makes her happy. So when I got her a surprise stamp set the other day, she was really eager to try them out.

The truth is, my daughter had never played with stamps before, so this was a fun and new experience for her. When I showed her the Melissa&Doug friendship stamp set, she was overjoyed. I showed her how to use the stamps, and she started making her own creations right away. She stamped all over a piece of paper and said it was a really pretty piece of art.

I think I did the right thing when I got my kid the Melissa&Doug friendship stamp set. It’s something that really appeals to little kids that like arts and crafts. I know when I was a kid I liked collecting rubber stamps, and this set is basically taking me back to my childhood. It’s nice to see that they still haven’t gone out of style.

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