Now You Monkey See Monkey Draw Children’s Book

Does that mean I have no choice in what I see or draw?  Or, does that mean I’ll draw monkeys?  What’s going on?

Calm down.  This simply means once your child sees all he can draw in this cool, monkey see monkey draw children’s book activity kit, he will not want to put down any one of the paint brushes or bark-colored pencils while he draws all the African watering-hole animals.  Before long, you won’t have enough space in your newly-formed art gallery to hold all the new art.

Just imagine how proud you’ll be when you display a newly drawn tiger, or lion, or giraffe on your refrigerator.  There’s no telling where the talent can take him.  Even if he isn’t the next Rembrandt or Picasso, he can still brighten the house or playroom by displaying his interest in learning about Africa’s wild animals as he draws them in their natural habitat.

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