Be A Classic With The Nursing Stool

nursing stoolAs a mother, what is more natural than nursing your newborn? Now that I have your attention, I’d like to talk with you about a something that just might make your day, and maybe your evening, a little bit better. No doubt you’re asking what that something is – it’s the nursing stool.

In case you’re curious as to what a nursing stool is, I’m going to tell you. Instead of placing your feet flat on the floor while nursing, which can create stress on your legs and back, try placing them on one of the three positions of this natural-stained nursing stool. Almost instantly, you’ll begin to feel the stress leave your body as you find holding your baby much easier and less strain as you sit in your chair.

The beauty of this nursing stool is that it doesn’t matter what type of chair you use. Whether you sit in a flat chair or in a rocking chair, you’ll find your hips and legs and back carry less weight and allow you to stand up with ease. And, in case you need an additional reason to consider this nursing stool, it can be used while reading a book or watching television or simply doing nothing.

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