Meet The Melissa Doug Friendship Stamp Set

melissa/doug friendship stamp setI’m sure you remember making new friends as a child or trying to keep the friends you already had.  Imagine making new friends through the melissa doug friendship stamp set.  Your children will love seeing what they can create with all the different pieces featured in this delightful box of fun.

No doubt you’re thinking about all the artwork created from the melissa doug friendship stamp set and where it will go.  There is absolutely no need to worry because, while there will be treasured pieces worth posting on the refrigerator, there will also be times when those works of art will go home with one of their friends.  Why not let their parents after much angst decide where to hang their latest art aquisition?

I know you’re wondering exactly what your creator of art will find in this melissa doug friendship stamp set.  Let’s look at the balloons, flowers, hearts, butterflies and rainbows.  No matter what this artistic genius creates from this simple box of potential art, you’ll look back years with tearful fondness as they leave the nest and you still have their friendship art for posterity.

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