Monstrous Big Plush Toys

big plush toysDo you remember having nightmares about monsters at the end of your bed or monsters living under your bed or hiding in the closet when you were a child? Whether you admit it or not, of course you do. Well, this time, your child doesn’t have to dream about monsters in their room because they can actually live with one in the form of big plush toys.

With this six-foot long, plush alligator, your son or daughter can live out their jungle fantasy and even give it a name for their very own. They can make it a part of their show-n-tell project at school to impress their friends and maybe even the teacher. Every detail will add the “realness” as one of these big plush toys impersonates its real-life counterpart.

When they tell their friends about the alligator living in their bedroom or playroom, the stories can be as grand as their imagination will allow. Big plush toys can be monstrous in almost every detail as long as they keep their bit to themselves. And, you, mom and dad, won’t have to worry about monsters living in their room.

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